Wheels & Tyres from Phil Gilbert Hyundai

Wheels & Tyres

Your tyres play a crucial role in keeping your car gripped to the road. Tyres that are in good condition aid in optimum steering, braking and handling of your vehicle.

It is important to check your tyres regularly for excessive or uneven tyre wear. Excessive or uneven tyre wear can indicate an issue with wheel alignment, wheel balance or incorrect tyre pressures. Detected early, you have the ability to extend the life of your tyres. Minimum allowed tread depth is 1.5mm. This can be easily checked by inspecting your tyres for the raised bumps (called wear indicators) in the tread grooves. Once the tread reaches these bumps, the tyres have reached their service life.

“What can I do to maintain my tyres?”
The best thing you can do is ensure that your tyres are inflated to the correct level. It is recommended to check your tyres pressures once a month. Also, have your wheels are regularly rotated and balanced.

“What do I set my tyre pressures at?”
The manufacturers’ owner’s manual or tyre placard on the vehicle will have the recommended tyre pressures for your vehicle. Otherwise, you can contact us at Phil Gilbert’s and we are able to assist you.

“Do you replace tyres?”
Yes, we do. We are able to replace tyres and carry out wheel balancing and wheel alignments.