Maintenance Tips from Phil Gilbert Hyundai

"How To" Tutorials from Phil Gilbert Hyundai

To avoid surprise maintenance costs, sticking to a regular servicing schedule is something you are going to want to get used to. The reasons for this are simple – keeping to the recommended servicing intervals will keep your car in good health, whilst also helping to maintain its value. In the meantime, there are some easy things you can to stay on top of it and our Hyundai Service Manager, Glenn Goss, provides some useful tips in the videos below.

Keeping your vehicle’s fluids new and clean is one priority and our video below shows you just how easy this is. We also provide other tips including how to check your tyre pressure as well as how to check windscreen washer levels and how to top them up!

How To Check Your Engine Oil Level

How to Check Your Windshield Washer Levels

How to Check Tyre Pressure