Brakes from Phil Gilbert Hyundai


The vehicles braking system is vital in slowing your vehicle down, stopping and avoiding obstacles. Depressing of the brake pedal (working in conjunction with the brake booster and master cylinder) pushes hydraulic brake fluid through the brake lines which forces the brake pads (housed in the brake caliper) onto the brake disc rotor. This in turn causes friction and ultimately reduces the vehicle speed. If your brake components require attention you may not have effective braking and ultimately may not be able to stop your vehicle in time. It is recommended that your braking system is inspected routinely – at least once a year. Warning signs that your brakes may require attention are:

  • If there is a vibration (either through the brake pedal or steering wheel) when the brakes are applied
  • If the brake pedal feels spongy or abnormally hard.
  • If the brakes don’t seem effective in stopping your vehicle.
  • Abnormal noises from the brakes. I.e. squealing or grinding.