Parts & Accessories FAQs

Phil Gilbert Hyundai Parts & Accessories FAQs

About Phil Gilbert Hyundai Parts & Accessories

1. Does Phil Gilbert have a Hyundai parts and accessories price list?

Phil Gilbert Hyundai sells a full range of genuine parts and accessories to offer you the opportunity to personalise your car to suit your individual lifestyle - ranging from roof racks, towbars, alloy wheels through to iPod connectivity options. We don’t have a price list on our website due to the sheer volume of options available but you can contact us on 02 9735 8422 or visit us at one of our two retail parts counters. In Lidcombe it’s on the corner of Frances Street and 80 Parramatta Road, and the other is located at 644 Parramatta Road, Croydon.

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2. Which models does Phil Gilbert carry parts and accessories for?

Phil Gilbert Hyundai carries an extensive range of parts and accessories for a large range of models. Please contact us via the website or on 02 9735 8422 with your 17 digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) which is located on your registration papers or compliance plate to discuss your requirements and stock availability.

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3. Does Phil Gilbert sell Hyundai parts online?

Yes, Phil Gilbert Hyundai’s award winning Parts Department offer a range via our online store. You will find a great range and competitive pricing on our parts store. Click here to visit.

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4. Are prices at Phil Gilbert Hyundai competitive?

Yes we are. Please remember that every single Hyundai Genuine part and accessory is designed and manufactured to comply with Hyundai’s engineering and testing standards, which is reassuring when you're on the road.

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General Questions about Hyundai Parts & Accessories

1. What does OEM parts mean?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Purchasing an OEM parts means you’re buying a part made by the vehicle's manufacturer. These match the parts that came with your vehicle when it rolled off the assembly line. Hyundai Genuine Parts are tested under various simulated extreme conditions to ensure quality, reliability and durability, and are tested to meet Australian Design Rules.

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2. What are aftermarket car parts?

An aftermarket part is any part for a vehicle that is not sourced from the vehicle manufacturer via the Hyundai Dealer Network. Hyundai Motor Company Australia does not endorse the use of non-genuine parts and accessories which are (aftermarket, second hand, imitation parts) or parallel imported parts when repairing or servicing your Hyundai vehicle.

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3. What size tyres do I need for my Hyundai car?

For further information on tyres and wheels for your Hyundai visit

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4. Where are the genuine parts and accessories made?

Hyundai’s genuine parts and accessories are engineered, manufactured and tested to Australian Design Rules standards by certified Hyundai factories only. This include local and international locations.

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1. Does Phil Gilbert offer any warranties on Hyundai parts and accessories?

Phil Gilbert Hyundai offers the standard Hyundai warranty. Full terms and conditions can be accessed by clicking here

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2. Would the warranty still be valid if I installed the accessories myself?

This is determined on a case by case basis and depends on the failure i.e. if the failure is a result of the installation then it would not be covered by warranty e.g. incorrect cleaning agent used not specified in the installation instructions.

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3. If I’d installed aftermarket parts into my car, will my Hyundai warranty be affected?

Hyundai does not recommend the fitment of non-genuine parts and/or accessories. If any fault or failure is deemed to be caused by the use of any part or product not recommended by Hyundai then the fault or failure will not be covered by warranty.

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