Hyundai Platinum Dealer Awards 2014

Hyundai Motor Company Australia has announced winners of the second annual Hyundai Platinum Dealer Program at a ceremony in Melbourne, recognising outstanding achievement from top performing Hyundai dealerships across the nation. To receive a Platinum Award the dealership must achieve excellence across Sales, Service, Parts, Customer Satisfaction, and profitability.

The Hyundai Platinum Dealer Program, launched in 2013 was created to promote the continual improvement of the quality and processes of business operation of Hyundai dealerships in the Australian market. The year-long rewards program with monthly assessment and measurement culminated in 14 dealerships being recognised for their exceptional efforts and consistent results throughout the year.

Dealerships must pass a number of mandatory ‘gateways’ during the year-long assessment program. Performance is measured against a series of individual targets and KPI’s set across performance in a number of key areas, including customer satisfaction, dealership facilities, service and parts and achievement of business and sales targets and compliance with Hyundai operational and business standards.

The end result is the assurance Hyundai customers enjoy the highest of standards at every brand touch-point by an assembly of the most highly professional and competent Hyundai dealerships who are rewarded, and recognised in an audience of their peers.

“This is the second year for the Hyundai Platinum Dealer Awards and I am thoroughly encouraged by the high calibre of our national dealer network who constantly strives to improve their operations,” said John Elsworth, Chief Operating Officer Hyundai Motor Company Australia. “The Hyundai Platinum Dealer Program provides an opportunity for us to both recognise and reward our retail business partners without whom our brand success would not be possible.”

Phil Gilbert Hyundai Croydon was awarded with the Hyundai Platinum Dealer Award 2014 for Excellence, making it 2 years in a row.

Hyundai Motor Company Australia operates a national network of 163 dealerships across all states, employing over 4,900 dedicated sales staff, service technicians, and operational staff. In 2014 Hyundai achieved a milestone record achieving annual sales of over 100,000 units for the first time since commencing operations in Australia in 1986. Hyundai Motor Company is today recognised as the fastest growing automotive brand in the world.