20 April 2016 · Vehicle Reviews

Consider Hyundais Tucson for your mid-sized SUV | Phil Gilbert Hyundai

With a strong, powerful exterior and a stylish and comfortable interior, the Tucson has made an impressive mark on Australian lovers of SUVs. The new model boasts a range of great standard features such as 15-inch steel wheels, cruise control, power windows, a CD player and 4-speaker audio and the ability to connect your phone and audio devices through Bluetooth.

A Strong and Stylish SUV

A Strong and Stylish SUV

The Tucson is a strong and stylish looking SUV, featuring Hyundai’s iconic chrome trapezoidal grille, bold lines and a powerful aesthetic.

Hyundai’s Tucson is available in 4 variations of model.

  • Active
  • Active X – 18” alloy wheels, premium interior, rear view camera
  • Elite – 8” Multimedia System, ‘Push Start’ button, ‘Smart Tailgate’ 
  • Highlander – 19” alloy wheels, panoramic sunroof, leather seats

You can also choose between petrol or diesel engines, manual or automatic transmissions, and front or all-wheel drive, making the Tucson a very flexible and personalised vehicle to best suit you.

Top Steering and Suspension, Designed for Australian Roads

One of the best features of the Tucson is its suspension, which has been designed and tested specifically for Australian roads and driving conditions. Hyundai carried out extensive testing of the vehicle’s dampers, anti-roll bars, springs, drivetrains, transmissions and wheel sizes, ensuring a comfortable and smooth driving experience even on our country’s toughest roads.

Advanced Technology for Superior Safety Features

Advanced Technology for Superior Safety Features

The Hyundai Tucson rates highly when it comes to safety, featuring advanced technology to keep you and your passengers safe.

The Tucson has a comprehensive system of six airbags, and LED headlights that stay on, even in the daytime, to increase visibility and safety. Electric side mirrors can be folded in, and have LED lights on them to indicate to other drivers when you’re changing lanes or turning.

A rear-view camera activates automatically when you put the vehicle into reverse gear, allowing you to see where you’re going on the LCD multimedia screen. This will not only help you reverse safely, it’ll make parking a breeze.

With such sheer power, advanced features and customisable options, Hyundai’s Tucson is a sure contender for the best new mid-size SUV.

Advanced Technology for Superior Safety Features

An SUV Offering Comfort and Luxury

The Hyundai Tucson is a powerful SUV that’s strong and sporty enough to tackle your next adventure, while also luxurious enough to keep you classy and comfortable on the road.

With a generous cabin size, you can easily carry 5, even on long road trips – making it a great sized vehicle for family holidays. The front seats can be ventilated and heated to the driver and front passenger’s preference, and premium seats and consoles will keep your back seat passengers as comfortable as can be.

The Tucson has plenty of storage holes and cup-holders, again making it a good family choice.

Why Not Book a Test Drive?

Make up your own mind about the Tucson SUV by booking a test drive! Or if you’ve already decided on a Tucson as your next new car, consider Phil Gilbert Hyundai, Sydney’s Hyundai dealer.