8 April 2021 · Vehicle Reviews

Coming soon - The All New Hyundai Tucson | Phil Gilbert Hyundai

The announcement’s out! Hyundai will be releasing a brand new updated version of the Tucson model that so many know and love. At Phil Gilbert Hyundai we are excited to be able to offer our existing Hyundai drivers and those who aspire to drive a fantastically versatile car. With 16 years of the Tucson model being in production, Hyundai has only updated the model twice before 2021. Its design and performance have been upgraded to a level that has never been seen before in an SUV of this type. There are so many reasons to be the first to book in a test drive of the all new Tucson at Phil Gilbert Hyundai.

An innovative approach and design

As the world has changed around us, so has the all-new Tucson model. With technological advances moving quickly, Hyundai has stepped up and offered a car to match its competitors. With fresh next level design, this sporty and transformative design experience will delight drivers the world over. First impressions last, and this car does not disappoint on that front. 

Parametric hidden lights have been seamlessly integrated into the grill on the front of the car and when they are switched on, they seem to almost come from nowhere.

This car has the most dynamic design yet, but is still in line with the well known Hyundai look. Strong, robust and energetic, the size of the new Tucson has increased inside and out. With an avant garde exterior and chunky angular surfaces, this car has a distinct element of masculinity that the former models didn't feature. 

The interior is a space where technology and information intersect and the driver’s experience is focused on ease of use and flow. This car is an eco friendly hybrid model which increases acceleration and fuel efficiency. Application of new e-handling technology means that steering response and direction stability are improved and precise control while turning ensures smooth and agile handling on the road. 

The best selling Hyundai SUV

The fact that over 7 million Hyundai Tucson's have been sold since it was first launched is a testament to how popular this vehicle truly is. With affordability at the forefront of Hyundai’s values, this SUV fits the bill for those who want excellence without spending 5 years' salary on a vehicle. The great appeal of this model can be attributed to the fact that it ticks so many boxes for car owners. Safety, attractive design, innovative technology, spacious interior and cargo area and an easy to use entertainment system are just a few elements that keep Tucson drivers coming back. Beyond the impressive physical features of this car is the fact that plainly and simply, the Hyundai Tucson is comfortable and relaxing to drive, and who doesn’t love to be comfortable?

When you want excellence from your vehicle, consider the all new Hyundai Tucson for sale at Phil Gilbert Hyundai. Visit our dealership today, contact us for more information, or send us an online enquiry and reserve your test drive today!