7 October 2020 · Motoring Tips & Advice

Why you should get a custom floor mat | Phil Gilbert Hyundai

While flooring might not be the first part of their car that drivers think about, but the right choices here can have a surprising impact on your driving experience. Whether it’s unpredictable weather conditions or the varying passengers on your car over time, the conditions of your carpet deteriorate with use. As such, a floor mat may prove useful. It isn’t just wear and tear, it's also about keeping your car in top condition, which can be very helpful for anyone look to secure a high resale value for their car.

Either way, there are several things that contribute to poor car flooring. For starters, your shoes carry a lot of dirt, dust, grass, and whatever else that gets picked up daily. A lot of these end up getting to your car, creating a constant need to vacuum. While a new floor mat won’t eliminate the dirt by itself, it certainly makes cleaning and maintenance a far easier task – just remove and shake.

Different weather conditions may also affect your carpets. For example, during rainy days or during winter, your car flooring can get soggy. This is never a pleasant experience for you or your passengers, and can sometimes lead to mould or water damage within the fibres of the carpet. Speaking of passengers, maintaining your car may become troublesome if you have pets to entertain.

It gets worse when old spills, trapped food stains and other dirt starts to smell. As a result, cleaning and maintenance becomes further challenging, so why not skip all of that and simply protect your carpet with a quality floor mat? 

What floor mat should you get?

There are many types of floor mats available, with different types suiting different drivers. For instance, all-weather floor mats aim to protect the flooring against a variety of weather conditions. Usually, these do not crack or harden in high temperatures and can withstand cold weather as well. Then there are rubber carpet mats. These are designed to keep your carpet from spills, mud, snow and other debris

But there are few other things you need to pay attention when looking for a custom floor mat. Looking at the rims and ridges is one. Floor mats with high edges around the complete mat tend to prevent liquids from seeping through the carpets. There are certain mats with high ridges that aim to push water from the back of the pedals and away from your feet.

One further option is the all-in-one mats - the best of both worlds! This unique offering is a combination of all-weather mat and carpet floor mat.

It's also important to look at the floor mat’s locking system. Why? This ensures that your floor mat won’t move about as you drive. Lastly, the thickness of the mat also plays a role. Thicker mats are likely to absorb liquids better and tend to be more comfortable for your feet.

The Phil Gilbert Hyundai service

Still not sure what floor mat to go for? Not to worry, we can help. Phil Gilbert Hyundai has been serving the Australian automobile market for more than a decade. Our team of experts are here to help for any of your Hyundai essentials including custom floor mats. So, come visit Phil Gilbert Hyundai today. You can also call us on (02) 9735 8400 or contact us here.

One further option is the all-in-one mats - the best of both worlds! This unique offering is a combination of all-weather mat and carpet floor mat.