7 July 2016 · Motoring Tips & Advice

Why You Should Buy A Used Car from a Dealership | Phil Gilbert Hyundai

There are quite a few benefits of buying a vehicle from a dealer rather than privately owned – today we’ll go through some of those advantages for you, to help make your decision easier and more stress-free.

Post-Sale Care

Post-Sale Care

With car dealerships, reputation matters.

While some dealers may have bad reputations, most will be keen to offer the best customer service they can and keep their reputation clean. This means that if you have a problem with a car soon after you buy it, you may be able to go back and ask your dealer for help.

On the contrary, a private seller will be gone immediately after the sale, unable to give you mechanical help or other assistance after the deal is done.

Extra Options

Extra Options

When you buy a car from a dealer instead of a private seller there’s a likelihood you can choose some extra options for your vehicle. By options, we don't just mean dealer-installed accessories such as aftermarket wheels or an upgraded sound system.

You can actually add some features at a dealer you wouldn't normally be able to buy from a private seller, such as extended warranty to cover your car after the manufacturer warranty expires, or premium window tint. A dealer may also offer other promotions, such as free oil changes or tyre rotations, to earn your business. You won't get those items with a private seller.

Possibilities for Financing

Perhaps the biggest benefit of buying a car from a dealer, however, is the possibility of financing options. One example is that dealers will typically offer their own financing options, while a private seller won't. If you're buying a car from a private seller, you'll have to secure your own financing, and if you're having trouble doing that, you'll probably have to buy a car from a dealer.

Another example of a dealer-related financing benefit is that many lending companies won't finance a car if it's owned by a private seller. Some lending companies don't trust a private seller to accurately value a car, while dealerships are thought to offer more accurate pricing. As a result, getting a loan for a privately owned car can be harder, and in some cases, the interest rate can be higher.

As you can see, few private sellers will be able to match the convenience and extras offered by a dealer.

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