10 January 2019 · Motoring Tips & Advice

Why Use Hyundai Genuine Oil and Lubricants? | Phil Gilbert Hyundai

Oil is to your car what blood is to your body. Like blood types, your car needs a certain type of oil. The type and weight (thickness) of oil a car needs varies from engine to engine. It also varies by when your engine was manufactured. Newer engines have stricter requirements for fuel economy and oil consumption.

If you want your new Hyundai to perform its best and stay in good condition for as long as possible, you shouldn’t just use any old oil and lubricant. Hyundai’s range of genuine oil and lubricants are specially developed to meet the technical specifications of your Hyundai vehicle and the logbook recommended service intervals.

A Guide to Oil Types

There are two main types of car engine oil – mineral oil and synthetic oil. Mineral oil is a petroleum product that is derived from crude oil, like gasoline. Synthetic oil on the other hand is artificially developed in a laboratory. It’s common to have blends that mix the two oil types together. Mineral oil tends to be cheaper but isn’t as long-lasting. Synthetic oil is more expensive but lasts much longer.

Each car engine is designed to use a specific weight oil, which is often listed in the owner’s manual or on the engine oil cap. Common types include:

  • 0W20
  • 5W20
  • 5W30

There are heavier weights used in some vehicles, but these are quite rare. It’s important that you stick with the oil weight the car manufacturer specifies for your engine, or it may result in reduced fuel economy and engine damage over time.

Use Hyundai Oil and Lubricants for Hyundai Vehicles

Hyundai’s genuine oil and lubricants are blended with high quality base oils and additives and are engineered for peak vehicle performance and efficiency. Hyundai’s genuine oil and lubricants offer comprehensive protection in all critical operating conditions and can help to:

  • Maximise fuel efficiency
  • Maintain engine cleanliness
  • Increase vehicle durability
  • Reduce component wear

By using genuine oil and lubricants and changing your oil according to the recommended intervals in your owner’s manual, you can ensure your Hyundai operates better and for longer.

Hyundai Dealers in Sydney

When your Hyundai needs a service or repair, you should take it to an official Hyundai car Dealership. At Phil Gilbert Hyundai, we can provide a quality servicing and repair job at our Hyundai Dealership that ensures your used or new Hyundai is kept in top quality condition.

With two locations in Croydon and Lidcombe, we offer convenience as well as expert advice, servicing and financing. Visit our Hyundai showroom today to discover your next Hyundai. Contact us today for more information.