10 May 2021 · Motoring Tips & Advice

Why EOFY is the Perfect Time to Purchase a Car at Phil Gilbert Hyundai

If you’ve been holding off on that new family SUV, a versatile sedan, or want to treat yourself to a performance vehicle, the end of financial year is a great time to get your hands on your dream car. Find out how holding off until EOFY can result in some extraordinary deals on new and used Hyundai cars. 

Added extras 

Under normal circumstances, the cost of added extras on a new vehicle can deter many consumers from purchasing them. Metallic paint? Extra. Leather interior? Extra. Rear view camera? Extra. However, during EOFY sales you’ll find that some extras that can normally set you back thousands of dollars may be included in the cost of your new vehicle. It’s worth talking to the team at Phil Gilbert Hyundai to find out what extras you can nab to make your driving experience truly superb. 

Save on business assets 

If you’re running a business, EOFY sales are a great time to grab a new vehicle and save during tax time. For eligible businesses, the ATO offers an instant asset write-off, which has been revised multiple times since the start of the pandemic. If your business has a turnover of up to $500 million, an instant asset write-off on your new vehicle can work in your favour, allowing you to claim it as a deduction once the new financial year rolls around.  

Upgrade your fleet 

Does your business fleet need an upgrade? Start the new financial year with a Hyundai Fleet and choose from electric or hybrid options. If you’re looking to save on on and off-road costs in the coming year, switching to an environmentally-friendly fleet can ensure that you’re off to a great start. If you’re on the road a lot for work, a hybrid vehicle can provide greater flexibility. Available in a range of colours and features to suit your business, the Hyundai range can also save you money with its fuel-efficiency, reduced service costs and Five-Year Unlimited Kilometre Warranty. Paired with the EOFY savings, your business can boast a sleek new fleet, ready to tackle the roads in the new year. 

Finance options

Want to take advantage of EOFY sales, but not sure how to finance your purchase? If you’re buying a new or used Hyundai for personal or business use, we offer flexible finance options so you can be driving away sooner. If the car is primarily for personal use, a consumer loan can help fund your new or used car. For small to large businesses, you can select from a goods loan, a finance lease or a commercial hire purchase, depending on your needs. Our convenient finance options mean that you can sign off on your new vehicle this financial year, and for business-owners, reap the savings during tax time. Talk to Phil Gilbert Hyundai to learn more about financing your new or used Hyundai. 

Pick of the litter 

Whether you’re searching for a new, used or demo car, a weekend luxury vehicle or a family daily, stop by Phil Gilbert Hyundai to discover what we have in stock. There are some great EOFY deals, like the sleek Hyundai i30 Hatch or the functional Hyundai Tucson. There are deals all-round on used cars under $20,000, that can save you some serious cash. June is a great time to come in and browse our extensive range of stock - you’ll be spoilt for choice!  

Visit Phil Gilbert Hyundai 

Looking for a fantastic deal on a vehicle during EOFY sales? Give us a call or visit our Hyundai Dealership in Sydney for special offers on your new car.