6 December 2019 · Motoring Tips & Advice

Why Christmas is a Great Time to Buy a Car | Phil Gilbert Hyundai

Why Christmas is a Great Time to Buy a Car

It’s exciting to shop around for a new or used car but because it’s a major investment you want to get the best possible price. There are certain times of every year when you’ll get a better deal, especially on a new car, and December is one of them. Let’s take a look at what makes the end of the year one of the best times to finally get that new or used Hyundai you’ve been considering.

Making Room for Next Year’s Models

One of the main reasons December is a prime time for car buying is because dealerships need to make room for the new models expected in the new year.

They’ll be keen to move existing stock because by January they’ll be last year’s models and harder to sell once the new models arrive, so you can usually get a great deal with some extras thrown in free of charge.

December is also the season for giving and many people are looking forward to holidays and a new year, so your Hyundai car dealer will likely be in a festive mood and happy to give you a great price.

Bonuses and Incentives

The end of year is also when sales team will be looking to meet any sales targets and the car manufacturers often provide incentives, which mean more bonuses and a better deal for you.

Don’t forget the demo vehicles for the current year’s models. They represent real value and you can save thousands of dollars on the price of a new Hyundai just because they have a few kilometres on the clock.

Avoid the Crowds

During the lead up to Christmas most people are busy shopping for gifts and food for the big day so it’s a good time to visit your Hyundai dealership where you can take your time looking at the different models.

You’ll also enjoy more personalised service because the sales team won’t be rushed off their feet and they’ll have more time to spend with you to ensure you find the perfect Hyundai.

The last week of the year, between Christmas and the New Year festivities, is generally quiet in all retail sectors so it’s one of the best times to negotiate a great deal on your new Hyundai.

Do your Research

As with any major purchase it pays to do your research if you want the best deals.

Be clear on which Hyundai models you want to test drive, and the features and accessories that come with them. Speak to the sales team, they will advise you on current models and the new models coming in the next year, and the differences between them.

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