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What Makes Hyundai Genuine Oil Different? | Phil Gilbert Hyundai

What Makes Hyundai Genuine Oil Different?

The quality of engine oils can vary greatly, and you may get what you pay for. To keep your Hyundai car in good condition, use Hyundai Genuine Oil, designed to meet the technical specifications of your engine. Take your car to a specialist Hyundai car service centre, for factory-trained technicians who use only genuine Hyundai accessories. This will keep your Hyundai at peak performance across its lifespan.

What Is Engine Oil?

Engine oil is one of the most critical aspects of keeping your car running at top performance.

It lubricates the many small, interconnected moving parts of your engine. By reducing friction, preventing the build-up of dirt, and protecting from detergents, it slows down the inevitable wear and tear of your car engine parts.

Of course, choosing the right type and quality of engine oil for your car is just as important as having it regularly changed. For Hyundai cars, it’s best to use Hyundai Genuine Oil as recommended by the manufacturer.

Choosing The Right Type Of Engine Oil

Your Hyundai vehicle will need engine oil of a specific type and weight (thickness), that correctly matches the type and age of its engine. This is especially important for newer engines, which come with stricter requirements for fuel economy and oil consumption.

Each car engine is designed to use engine oil of a specific weight. This is usually listed in the owner’s manual or on the engine oil cap. Common weights include 0W20, 5W20 and 5W30; in a rare case, you may own a Hyundai vehicle that needs a heavier weight oil.

Whatever oil type is correct for your engine, it’s important to only use that, for the best engine lubrication and fuel economy.

Choosing The Right Quality Of Engine Oil

Judging which engine oil to buy isn’t just a matter of spec. You also need to consider the oil composition.

Most engine oil products are a blend of individual oils. Usually, this is a mix of two types of oils:

·         Mineral oils, which are cheaper, derived from petroleum (crude oil). This includes gasoline (petrol).

·         Synthetic oils, which are more expensive but much more long-lasting, artificially developed in a laboratory.

When you’re looking for the right engine oil to protect your car engine, how can you be sure of the make and quality of what you’re buying? That’s where Hyundai Genuine Oil steps in.

Why Choose Hyundai Genuine Oil?

Hyundai Genuine Oil is the best engine oil for your Hyundai car. It’s a blend of high-quality base oils and additives. Both the oils and their ratios are designed to drive the best performance and efficiency from the engine.

Wouldn’t you trust the manufacturers to know what’s best for your car?

Buy Your Hyundai Genuine Oil with Phil Gilbert Hyundai

While not all engine oils are created equal, when you buy Hyundai Genuine Oil with Phil Gilbert Hyundai, you know you’re getting guaranteed high quality.

Instead of shopping around for a product that may or may not suit your engine, save yourself the stress and protect yourself from potential engine damage. Buy Hyundai Genuine Oil from our online web store, or for expert advice and servicing, visit one of our two Hyundai showrooms in Lidcombe or Croydon.