7 February 2020 · Motoring Tips & Advice

What Is the Difference Between Eco And Sport Mode Hyundai Models? | Phil Gilbert Hyundai

What is the Difference Between Eco and Sport Mode in Hyundai Models?

Adjusting your drive to suit your mood and lifestyle is as simple as the touch of a button in Hyundai models. Whether you’re on a long drive with the family or you want to experience the thrill of maximum performance, the Eco and Sport mode in Hyundai vehicles have you covered.


Responsive performance

Activating Sport mode while you’re zipping down the highway instantly changes the driving experience. The car gets a boost in horsepower for increased acceleration, so you can pick up speed and jump off the line faster than the cars next to you.

This in turn increases the vehicle’s RPM - the “revolutions per minute”. This refers to how many times the engine’s crankshaft makes a full rotation per minute. As you press the accelerator, RPM increases. At the same time, the throttle becomes more sensitive, evoking a hair-trigger response for a sportier drive with attitude.

Fuel economy

A search for Hyundai specials usually means a search for an economic vehicle, too. Eco mode tends to be the best option for long drives, where you don’t want to put sudden power demands on your car. Those sudden changes in acceleration, RPM and horsepower have an effect on fuel economy. Eco mode is available to combat this.

Eco mode reduces fuel consumption out on the road. The car might feel like it takes longer to accelerate, but this slower increase in revs is what saves on fuel. Lessen your running costs while you adopt a gentler driving style and just enjoy the smooth pleasure that driving a Hyundai brings. 

How to switch between Eco and Sport modes while driving

Hyundai drive mode gives drivers the ability to switch between Eco and Sport modes while out on the road - so you can tailor your drive in whatever way the situation calls for. Maximise your range out on long road trips or commutes with Eco mode to reduce fuel consumption. For times you want more of a kick to your adventure, switch to Sport mode to increase engine responsiveness and maximise performance.

All the user-friendly system calls for is a push of the “Drive Mode” button on your centre console. Then, you can go through the available modes and switch to suit your mood.

Drive Mode is available on a number of Hyundai vehicles including the Hyundai Elantra and Hyundai Santa Fe. You can visit a Hyundai showroom and test out Drive Mode for yourself - to get a feel for each vehicle’s full range of capabilities.

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