30 May 2019 · Motoring Tips & Advice

What is a Hail Sale? | Phil Gilbert Hyundai

What is a Car Hail Sale?

After a big hail storm, homes and businesses alike scramble to get back on their feet clearing debris and dealing with damaged goods. Car dealerships are no different. In many cases, they fare worse with so much of their product outside and open to the elements. If a hail storm damages some cars, they must be cleared off to make way for new stock. But of course, they don’t just get thrown out. Many cars only suffer minor damage such as a few dents in a few panels. This minor damage translates into huge discounts as the dealership is eager to turn over the stock. For buyers in the market who don’t mind some minor cosmetic damage, these hail sales or hail clearances are fantastic opportunities to get a quality car they otherwise might not have had the budget for.

How Damaged Vehicles are Dealt With

Hail damaged cars for sale either have minimal damage and are fine to be driven off as they are, or require some repairs to be roadworthy again. A damaged vehicle that needs to be repaired can fall into two categories - a statutory or repairable write-off. Statutory write-offs are cars that have sustained so much damage that it cannot be repaired, meaning it can’t be registered. In these cases, the car generally has to be sold for spare parts and scrap.

Repairable write offs are damaged cars that can be re-registered after a roadworthiness test and the Written-Off Vehicle Inspection (WOVI) to ensure it is safe to drive. Some cars that go on sale after a hail storm may be deemed unroadworthy until they are repaired. An example is a smashed headlight. Both types of cars need to go on the Written-Off Vehicle Register (WOVR) so consumers can see the history of the car.

Buying a Hail Sale Car

In most cases, cars for sale in hail clearances are perfectly driveable with only minor cosmetic damage to the paint, panels or windows. For this reason, they are a great way to snatch a bargain when looking for premium models for thousands less than you’d have to otherwise pay.

If you intend on repairing the car to make it look flawless again, ensure you research the cost of doing so to determine whether it’s worth it. Shop around to find the best deal on repairs as poor workmanship will only end up costing you more in the long run. If you’re happy to drive the car away and own it as it is with a couple of bumps and scratches, then a hail sale is ideal for you.

Hail Damage Car Sale at Phil Gilbert Hyundai in Sydney

At Phil Gilbert Hyundai, we are currently having a big hail damaged car sale. If you’re interested in getting a quality damaged demonstrator Hyundai, visit us at one of our two locations in Croydon and Lidcombe. We also have a wide range of used and new Hyundai vehicles as well as providing expert advice, financing, service and repair.

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