27 October 2016 · Motoring Tips & Advice

Upgrade Your Driving Experience with These 5 Useful Apps | Phil Gilbert Hyundai

Maybe you need help planning an epic road trip. There’s an app for that too! In fact, when it comes to the modern driving experience, there’s an app for just about everything. With many modern cars, such as the Hyundai i30 and the gorgeous Hyundai Sonata including comprehensive smartphone integration, now is the right time to sync your phone and your automobile.

Find Your Waze Around

Waze harnesses the power of the crowd to find the best route to your destination. While satnav systems are good at knowing the best route on average, Waze incorporates real-time information from thousands of drivers to find the actual best route at the moment you need it. So the next time you’re stuck in heavy traffic in the Sydney CBD, Waze will find a way around it!

Waze can also help alert you to upcoming hazards like car crashes, closed off roads, or even dead ends that your satnav doesn’t know about. This incorporates beautifully with Google Maps too, which you should really be using already.

Australian Road Trip

Created by travel writer Lee Atkinson, Australian Road Trip is a unique app that will enhance any trip. This clever app will provide travel tips, find accommodation and places to eat, and help you to discover scenic routes, picnic spots, exciting activities, and much more.

With original photographs by the creator, this app is a must-have for any Aussie adventurer. It includes 25 pre-planned trips through stunning Australian landscapes, along with three huge transcontinental excursions, and a number of shorter day trips from major cities.

This app isn’t free, but at $4.99 it’s a great investment!

ParkDroids Initiate

Everyone knows that sinking feeling of realising a 10-minute run to the shops is about to morph into a treasure hunt because you forgot where on earth you parked. Luckily, with ParkDroid, you’ll never have that problem again (as long as you don't lock your phone in the car).

This free app allows you to tag your parking spot and can lead you back to the exact location of your car. Not only that, ParkDroid can also help you find free parking and toll parking, let you know when you've outstayed your welcome in a timed spot and help you to keep track of your parking meter’s status.

The World in Your Speakers

The TuneIn Radio app allows you to listen to more than 50,000 radio stations from around the world from wherever you are. It’s a surreal experience to hear crystal-clear music or talkback radio from Senegal, Serbia or Sri Lanka through your car’s audio system. Simply plug in your phone or stream via Bluetooth to browse by location, music genre or language. You can also upgrade to TuneIn Radio Pro for $0.99 to pause and rewind any station.

Stop, Revive, Survive Has Never Been Easier

Wherever you’re travelling in Australia, the free Driver Reviver app will help you locate your nearest rest stop where free refreshments such as biscuits, tea and coffee are offered. A great way to make sure you stay refreshed and safe on the roads.

What are you waiting for? Start trying these apps for yourself. If you need a new car with great app integration, explore our new vehicle range or contact Phil Gilbert Hyundai today.