31 July 2020 · Motoring Tips & Advice

Time to fix your car transmission? | Phil Gilbert Hyundai

Your transmission is one of the most essential parts of your car. Without it, you’re not going anywhere. Fortunately, transmission troubles are normally accompanied by a range of symptoms that savvy drivers can keep an eye (and an ear) out for. If you’re looking to ensure that your Hyundai delivers the smooth drive you’ve come to expect for years to come, read on and know what to look for when it comes to transmission problems. 

1. Gear shifting problems

The gears are an integral part of your car’s transmission. As such, if shifting gears has become somewhat of a struggle then it may be a sign that you have transmission problems. This can range from your car falling out of gear while driving to a jerking feeling when shifting gears.

2. Grinding/shaking

If while changing gears in a manual transmission car you notice a shaking or grinding sound, your vehicle may be suffering from a worn out clutch. To avoid further damage to your transmission, get that replaced!

3. Dragging clutch

Speaking of clutches, if when you press the pedal your clutch is not able to detach from the flywheel, you have a dragging clutch. Make sure to get this fixed to avoid further damage.

4. Something’s burning?

There are times when the transmission fluid goes bad. Usually transmission fluid is a bright red colour with a sweet smell. Fluid turned bad appears dark and opaque while giving off an unpleasant burnt smell. Then there are also instances where your transmission overheats due to excessive friction. The result here is also a burning smell. In either case, your transmission could probably do with some professional attention – take your car for an immediate check-up.

5. Leaking fluids

This is a straightforward one. If you find a red, sweet-smelling liquid underneath the car or on the driveway, chances are you have a transmission fluid leak. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your transmission is bad, but it could potentially become more problematic if ignored, creating other issues while driving. Either way, it's best to call for a technician.

6. Strange noises

Ever had unusual noises come out of your car when it's in neutral? If so, then it's probably time for a transmission check. It could either mean that you need new transmission oil, or that you’re in need of a new part.

It should also be noted that unusual sounds in general, usually in the form of humming, buzzing, or whining, is an indication that there’s something wrong with the transmission. These should never be left unchecked – see a professional as soon as possible.

7. Your check engine light is on

Another sign that should not go ignored – but is so frequently – is the check engine light. Correcting the issue can vary from a minor fix to a major repair, but regardless, it’s vital that you tend to it before it has the chance to become a bigger problem. Take this as an opportunity for an early service. 

The Phil Gilbert Hyundai service

All in all, any of the above warning signs should mean only one thing for you. It's to get your car checked by a professional for a potential car transmission issue.

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