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The Hyundai Checklist: Buying Your New Car | Phil Gilbert Hyundai

The Hyundai Checklist: Buying Your New Car

Decided to buy a new car? With so many options available on the market, it can be hard to find what’s right for you. However, with careful research and the right approach, you can find something well suited to your lifestyle, needs and budget. Use our checklist below to prepare for your next major purchase.

1. Know Your Budget

How much are you willing and able to spend on a brand-new car? You should set a clear price ceiling early and decide whether you should look for a new or used car. The latter may be more suitable if you have a limited budget. If you’re flexible on price, your must-have features list may be more important.

2. What Features Do You Need?

You probably have a good idea on how you plan to use the car and what features you may need. Some of the things to consider include:

●     The number and size of seats

●     Storage space

●     Fuel efficiency

●     Safety features

●     Entertainment features

●     Where you’ll use the car (e.g. city driving, off-road or both?)

By working out what features you need, you can narrow down potential vehicles to a shortlist you can choose from by taking a closer look at the specs and reading car reviews.

3. Choose Where to Buy

There are a number of places you can buy a car, ranging from a licenced dealership to a private seller, car auction or overseas import. The right option depends on your budget, what kind of car you want and how much effort you’re willing to go through. Buying through a dealership is typically the most hassle-free option while a private seller can be the cheapest, but comes with other risks.

4. Inspect the Car

If you’re buying a new car, you may just need to do a test drive to ensure it’s right for you. If you purchase from a private seller, it’s essential to give it a thorough inspection and take it to a mechanic to check it before buying.

5. Financing

There are several options when it comes to financing your car. You can pay for the car outright, which is great because you won’t have to pay any interest on loans. You can also get a car loan with a range of banks or from a broker. You can also get dealership finance from the place you are buying your car. You can also offset the price of the new car by trading in your old one.

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