20 September 2019 · Motoring Tips & Advice

The Dangers of Using Knock-Off Car Parts | Phil Gilbert Hyundai

The Dangers of Using Knock-Off Car Parts

Despite the recommendations that you should repair with genuine car parts, we’re often tempted by the chance of lower prices of elsewhere. Some often think why pay more for original Hyundai spare parts when you could buy cheaper aftermarket parts instead? Of course, that’s only accounting for the upfront cost you pay at the point of service. When you take into account the risk of a poorer quality product without warranty, genuine parts can work out cheaper in the long run. Here are the justifications to get your car parts repaired and replaced at a certified Hyundai car service centre.

A Huge Variation in Quality

The quality of aftermarket car parts can vary greatly, and there is a chance that you’ll get what you pay for. Some aftermarket parts are made with poorer quality materials or design, which will wear or corrode faster than genuine parts from the original manufacturers.

From faulty airbags, a tire that’s more likely to blow, to wheel rims that may fall off, there is also a risk of fake counterfeit car parts. Counterfeit parts may not have been inspected to make sure they meet road safety requirements, so be extra careful.

It is also recommended that you take advice from mechanics who specialise in servicing Hyundai vehicles. Even if the part isn’t of lower quality, if it’s improperly fitted, that can lead to engine problems just as easily. This is especially important for people who are getting their cars repaired after a collision. For example, make sure you get car body panels with the proper collision crumple zones for your Hyundai model.

If you’re shopping with aftermarket parts, keep to the brands that you're familiar with. Or just save yourself from stressing about consistency and take your car into your certified Sydney Hyundai centre.

Do the Car Parts Come with Warranty?

Our genuine Hyundai spare parts come with 12 months of warranty protection, to make sure our service keeps your engine running.

Because it covers the cost of any future repair and replacement costs within the warranty, genuine parts can work out cheaper in the long run.

Meanwhile, aftermarket car parts usually come with limited or no warranty. If you do go with aftermarket parts, make sure you read the small print carefully, to understand what may or may not be covered.

If a product is worth it, the manufacturer will agree with you, and be willing to put their money where their mouth is with a product guarantee.

Buy Your Hyundai Spare Parts with Phil Gilbert Hyundai

While not all aftermarket parts are created equal, when you buy genuine parts with Phil Gilbert Hyundai, you know you’re getting consistent and guaranteed high quality.

Instead of shopping around for aftermarket parts, save yourself the stress and protect yourself from potentially higher costs in the long run. Browse our online web store or visit one of our two Hyundai showrooms in Lidcombe or Croydon. Here you’ll find a convenient one-stop-shop for expert advice, servicing and financing, all specialised for your Hyundai car.