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The Best Deals at Phil Gilbert Hyundai in 2019 | Phil Gilbert Hyundai

The Best Deals at Phil Gilbert Hyundai in 2019

Today, Hyundai is one of the top-selling and most-awarded car manufacturers in the world and is powering ahead at the cutting edge of vehicle technology. Phil Gilbert Hyundai stocks a range of cars that firmly cement Hyundai’s position as a world leader in quality and innovation. Have a look at some of the most lauded of the 2019 line-up at our Hyundai car dealership.

The All-Round High-Performer for You and Your Family

Hyundai’s 2019 Santa Fe is here to kickstart the next generation of family SUVs and crossovers.

Sharper and bolder, with a new grille and LED headlights and indicators, the 2019 model has a sleek new exterior design that carves out a presence for itself.

The 2019 model combines with new safety features, comfortable ergonomic design and top fuel efficiency into one all-round high-performer. This sports utility vehicle is the perfect option for you and your family.

It features Hyundai’s Motor Driven Power Steering, a computer-controlled steering system that uses the motor instead of conventional hydraulic power, giving impressive fuel economy and reducing its pollution emissions.

Other efficiency features of the 2019 model include a more compact car body than the 2018 model. The 2019 Santa Fe also inherited the spectacular 2.4 litre 4-cylinder engine that first wowed markets in the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport.

For a drive that maintains composure under pressure while delivering top fuel efficiency, visit our Hyundai showrooms for the 2019 Santa Fe.

See Hyundai’s New Aesthetics in the 2019 Tucson

The 2019 Tucson comes with a suite of impressive mid-cycle upgrades compared with the 2018 model.

As Hyundai’s best foot forward in the growing compact market, the Tucson has seen strong sales around the world and in Australia for the past several years. With the new features they’ve rolled out in 2019, it’s not hard to see why.

The interior has been reworked with a new seating layout and dashboard, as well as the inclusion of a floating 7-inch touch-screen display.

As for the exterior, there are a number of new design elements to the cascading grille, headlights, taillights and wheels. These are the frontrunners of some major design changes that Hyundai is planning across its line-up, so see them first with the 2019 Tucson.

The 2019 Tucson gives a little more power and performance. The engine is paired with a six-speed automatic transmission, which will give a smoother drive than the 2018’s seven-speed automated manual transmission. If you found the 2018 model’s drivetrain to be too noisy, you’ll prefer the quieter newer model.

Deals You Can’t Refuse on New and Used Hyundai Cars

Are you looking to buy a new or used Hyundai car? At Phil Gilbert Hyundai, we stock a wide range of Hyundai cars at our dealership. Visit our car dealership today to browse our deals on 2019 models, at prices you won’t be able to refuse.

With Hyundai showrooms at two Sydney locations, Croydon and Lidcombe, we offer expert advice, servicing and financing. For more information, contact us by filling out the online form or calling us at (02) 9132 4287.