6 October 2016 · Motoring Tips & Advice

Spring Clean Your Car | Phil Gilbert Hyundai

Kill the Clutter – Spring Cleaning Your Car

It's easy to throw things in the back seat and forget about them when you're not in the car, especially if you often drive alone. But nobody really wants their car to be full of rubbish and no one enjoys frantically cleaning up when they have to carry a passenger.

Step 1: Get Sorted

Choose a clear day when you don’t have too much to do, put on some good tunes and remove absolutely everything from your car that isn’t attached. Then sort it all into groups that make sense for you and how you use your car.

For example:

  • Maintenance: tool kits, car manual, copies of insurance documents
  • Navigation: GPS and mount, printed maps
  • Electronics: charging cables, in-car devices, CDs or tapes
  • Shopping: cloth bags, notepads, dockets for discount petrol
  • Snacks: food, breath mints
  • Leisure activities: picnic blankets, umbrellas, sporting equipment
  • Work activities: diary, FBT logbook
  • Pure rubbish: mouldy ice cream rapper, 8-year-old receipt for a toothbrush 

Step 2: Let It Go

Start by getting rid of the rubbish and any useless item. If you find there is far more of this than you can justify, consider adding a bin of some kind to your car so at least rubbish will collect in one place. If you regularly drink coffee in your car, consider using a permanent cup, which will create less rubbish and is more environmentally friendly.

Some items that may seem like clutter can actually be useful, but be careful not to make excuses. For example, having some change in a neat compartment to pay for coffee on the go is useful – having five cent coins spread across the floor and lodged in cracks, not so much.

While the car is empty, take the time to vacuum it and clean the surfaces as well.

Step 3: Everything in Its Right Place

Once you’ve slimmed down the contents of your car, you can assign space for it all. In practice, you’ll only have a few areas to work with: the glove box, the centre console, and the boot.

Keep the space nearest to you for stuff you actually need on hand, such as your GPS, CDs, or drink bottle.

Step 4: Contain

If the built-in storage in your car is not enough, track down some storage containers and devices at your local hardware store and find neat ways to contain all that extra stuff.

Step 5: Maintain

Set a regular time to tidy the car. If you’re generally neat, once a week should be plenty: do it when you arrive home on a Friday night.

If you find the car gets messy, make it a daily chore. Scoop up loose change, remove rubbish and return items to their rightful place. Make a habit of it and it won't be such a daunting activity next time. And just throw out the ice cream wrappers straight away. It's really that simple.

If your car needs a bit of extra care, consider a service from the team at Phil Gilbert Hyundai. From wheel alignments to electronic safety checks, we’ll take care of it all. To book an appointment or learn more, simply get in touch with our team.