7 July 2016 · Motoring Tips & Advice

Road Tips For The School Holidays | Phil Gilbert Hyundai

Road Safety Tips these Holidays

Here’s some tips to help you take the necessary precautions for staying safe on the roads these school holidays.

Road Trip Checklist

Vehicle health check!

Ensure your whole car is well maintained. Check all fluid levels, tyre pressures and condition, and clean your windows, lights and windscreen wipers before the trip. For complete peace of mind, book your car in for a service conducted by your local dealer before your upcoming trip. 

Road Trip Checklist

Map Out Your Route

Plan your route and timing to avoid major traffic congestion. The shortest route might not always be the quickest and delaying your departure can mean you miss the worst of the holiday rush.

Road Trip Checklist

Take Your Breaks

Make sure you take regular breaks every two hours, share the driving if possible, and make sure you have plenty of healthy snacks and cold drinks for everyone in the car.

Remember the 2 Second Gap

Now you’re on the road, always stick to the 2 second gap rule by maintaining a 2 second gap between you and the car in front of you. If it’s wet, or you are driving at night and/or visibility is poor, increase to a 4 second gap.

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Stick to the Speed Limit

Keep to the speed limit and drive to the conditions. You should only drive to the speed limit if it is safe to do so and there are no obvious hazards. Exceeding the speed limit increases the likelihood of an accident. Remember, it’s better to be late than to not arrive at all!

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Put Your Phone Away

It is illegal in all Australian states and territories to use a hand-held mobile phone while driving. Talking, texting or browsing on your mobile phone can shift your attention and puts you and your family at significant risk of having an accident. Put your phone away when driving, even at traffic lights. 

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Plan Your Playlists and Car Games

Now you’ve taken care of the serious stuff, make sure you have some fun planned for the trip! Make up some mixed tapes, or Spotify playlists these days, for the drive and make sure you have plenty of entertainment for the kids such as books, toys or travel games.

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