28 June 2020 · Motoring Tips & Advice

Protecting your Hyundai car interior | Phil Gilbert Hyundai

The Spring season is on the horizon. As such, it's time your Hyundai car is set up to ensure that its interior is protected for the season. Weather and climate conditions can have a drastic effect on a vehicle if left unattended, and this is especially true of your car’s interior.

So how can you protect your Hyundai car’s interior this Spring season? There are a few steps you can take in this regard. The easiest protection you can give your car’s interior is by parking in the shade. Doing so would mean your car won’t come in contact with direct sunlight. This means that your dash is unlikely to crack or dry up.

The sunlight problem

You can take a step further by opening the windows a crack to lower the interior temperature as well as equalise the air pressure. However, you should be wary of open window cracks, particularly if you’re in a public setting.

Either way, your interior could still heat up. Avoiding direct sunlight alone isn’t enough. Therefore, you need to have seat covers installed. This adds an extra layer of protection for the fabric. It also helps keep the seats cool. After all, we all know how uncomfortable climbing into a too-hot car can be!

Speaking of covers, it also helps to add dash covers. Heat over a long period of time could damage your dashboard. Why? Because these are heavily exposed to your Hyundai’s front and rear windshields. You could add in a windshield sunshade should the heating situation get out of hand.

The flooring and the upholstery

The flooring and the upholstery also need to be taken care of, particularly given the season. Usually, an all-weather style floor mat would do well to protect your car’s floors in both cold and hot weather. These types of floor mats will collect dirt, sand or any other debris/particle. Hence protecting the carpets from wear and tear thanks to your feet.

Keeping the upholstery clean might not be something that we tend to think about often. But it can become more than a nuisance if ignored. For example, say you have a food stain from eating in the car. You don’t clean it up right away. Come Spring the stain is impossible to get rid of. Therefore, it's advisable to keep some cleaning material inside of your car. This way, when the need arises, you can clean those hard surfaces.

Let Phil Gilbert Hyundai service take care of your car

Of course, the process isn’t limited to the ones stated above. Keeping your Hyundai car’s interior safe for the Spring season requires care and attention. Should you require professional assistance with your Hyundai car needs, our team of experts are at your disposal.

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