28 January 2021 · Motoring Tips & Advice

Planning a Road Trip with Kids | Phil Gilbert Hyundai

Hitting the road is one of the most exciting activities you can undertake with the family, but we wouldn’t blame you if you said you were feeling just the tiniest bit of dread! The good news is that covering many kilometers even with children in tow doesn’t have to be stressful. 

With some careful planning and our 10 Easter road trip tips, adults and kids alike can enjoy the journey and make some golden memories together!

1. Plan your timing strategically

You might be itching to make tracks, but aim to time your trip strategically. Consider when traffic will be easier and utilise those hours your babies and kids would usually sleep. There’s a reason pro roadtrippers prefer to set off early in the morning or late at night!

2. Make sure your vehicle is reliable

Make sure you’re up to date on all maintenance so you can count on an efficient, reliable and safe vehicle. Consider booking a Hyundai service for peace of mind before going on any Easter excursions.

3. Pack the essentials in accessible backpacks

No one wants to have to pull over and dig through suitcases to find your things on the journey. Keep the essentials close by and in accessible backpacks. From blankets to cuddly toys, headphones, snacks and water bottles, plan ahead so everything you might need is covered.

4. Charge gadgets the night before

iPads and tablets are a godsend on long road trips with children; they can watch their favourite TV shows or play educational games for hours. Just remember to charge all gadgets the night before! Otherwise, use a wireless phone charger to be sure your gadgets never run out of juice.

5. Think of some car games to pass the time

This trip is supposed to be fun, not stressful! Get involved with some car games that kids of all ages will enjoy passing the time with. Road trip bingo, songs and memory games always go down well.

6. Plan stops so the kids can move along the way

Sitting in the car for hours can get uncomfortable, so plan pit stops along the way so everyone can stretch their legs. Take advantage of kids’ play areas, and pack some towels so you can all have a dip in the sea. 

7. Stock up on healthy snacks

Stocking up on healthy snacks keeps hungry cries at bay, and means you won’t have to shell out for overpriced chips and chocolate at service stations. Try taking fruit that isn’t messy, as well as dry snacks like popcorn, pretzels and protein bars.

8. Pack clothes strategically

Arrange outfits in advance, so that long stretches on the road don’t turn into irritating fumbling through suitcases. Try to pack each day and night outfits together, so getting dressed is a breeze.

9. Don’t forget to pack

Some essentials to remember include a first aid kit, a small travel potty (if your kids are younger), baby wipes, hand sanitiser, travel sickness medication and spare batteries for your gadgets. When it comes to your vehicle, make sure you have a spare tyre, a battery pack and a car booster seat if necessary.

10.    Block out the sun

Keep the car cool and comfortable, and protected from the sun’s UV rays, with sun shades. It’s easy for the interior of vehicles to heat up in the Aussie climate, and kids will dread jumping into the car if it’s boiling hot.

Get your car road trip ready with Phil Gilbert Hyundai

At Phil Gilbert Hyundai, we’ve got all the parts and accessories to make sure you’re prepared for your Easter road trip. Order parts & accessories online, or book a service so our professionals can get your Hyundai running at its maximum performance. Give us a call on (02) 9735 8400 for assistance.