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Estimating How Many Kilometres You'll Travel | Phil Gilbert Hyundai

Estimating How Many Kilometres You'll Travel

Are you looking for lease where you can keep trading your car in for the newest Hyundai models? Look no further than the Phil Gilbert Hyundai car dealership for simple, reliable lease plans. These cover a range of new and used Hyundai cars at all budgets, so you can fast-track your way to your purchase. We’re on hand to help you navigate your financing plan, such as choosing the length of contract and the number of kilometres you intend to travel. These will impact on how much your regular payments will be, so it helps to be as accurate as possible.

Calculating Your Expected Mileage

You’ll have to calculate how many kilometres you intend to travel in your car, over the course of the contract period, before you can sign the lease.

The lease will quote a repayment rate based on a fairly low mileage rate. As the contract will hold you to not exceed this distance, it’s better to calculate and incorporate the correct mileage into the financing plan in the first place.

To work out your daily or weekly average, just keep an eye on your odometer for the drives you’re making now, and then multiply that average across the duration of your leasing contract.

Even short commutes can push your mileage up, so it’s important to make an effort to calculate your distance. Don’t just assume your car usage will stay below the mileage caps.

How Does Mileage Affect the Value of Your Hyundai Car?

Mileage is one of the biggest factors in determining the resale price of a used car. Assuming the car isn’t already old, lower mileage means it’s more likely to still be in good condition.

Of course, a car with high mileage that was regularly maintained is going to be less run-down than a neglected one with low mileage. The reality of buying used cars is that you can never be sure of which situation you’re dealing with this time, so it’s best to go with the rule of thumb.

With used cars, lower mileage usually translates to lasting longer until its next owner needs to take the car in for any major servicing. Certainly, because all used car buyers look at the mileage, it’s better to own a car with lower mileage and therefore higher resale value.

The one exception to the mileage rule is old cars, of more than 10 years, that come with low mileage. Cars that haven’t been driven regularly are unlikely to be in good condition. Just like high mileage can wear down the engine, sitting around in a garage for long periods will cause mechanical damage too, from corroded spark wires to brittle rubber hoses.

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