4 December 2017 · Motoring Tips & Advice

Christmas Gift Ideas for Car Lovers | Phil Gilbert Hyundai

The holiday season is here, and that means you might be interested in gifts for car lovers. You want to get that perfect thing that leaves them delighted, and maybe even serves a practical purpose day after day. Instead of just taking the risk of buying a random item, use this list for Christmas gift ideas that will leave the recipient delighted and surprised.

Genuine Hyundai iLoad iMax Dash Mat Genuine Hyundai iLoad iMax Dash Mat

Among the many car accessories gift ideas out there, a Dash Mat stands out. The fact is, the sun’s UV rays are harsh enough to discolour and even crack a car’s dash. Enthusiasts care deeply about preventing such a tragedy, which is precisely what a Dash Mat does.

If you get a genuine product, it contours to the dashboard perfectly. What’s more, the material has been designed not to fade, shrink, or otherwise show damage from sitting in the sunlight daily. What’s more, since the Dash Mat is not a hard surface, it cuts down on glare in the driver’s eyes, which boosts safety.

Bonnet Protector

Hyunday Tucson Bonnet Protector Hyunday Tucson Bonnet Protector

The front edge of a car’s bonnet can become damaged over time, thanks to stones and other debris striking it. To prevent this, buy a bonnet protector for your car lover. They are typically made of impact-resistant acrylic, with a smoked-out appearance that goes great with a whole range of paint colours.

Choosing a genuine bonnet protector means it follows the car’s contours perfectly. That means hassle-free installation and ownership.

Roof Rack

Genuine Hyundai DM Santa Fe Roof Rack Genuine Hyundai DM Santa Fe Roof Rack

Car lovers might need to transport big items that won’t fit in their cargo area. Or maybe they need more cargo space for long trips. Buying a roof rack provides that kind of flexibility.

Modern roof racks have been designed to be highly aerodynamic. That means they generate less wind noise and cut down on fuel consumption. Enjoying more utility without enduring inconveniences makes this the perfect gift.

Floor Mats

Hyundai i40 Sedan Floor Mat Hyundai i40 Sedan Floor Mat

Your car lover likely cares deeply about the interior appearance of a vehicle. One way to keep everything looking great for the long term is to install floor mats. As people track dirt and other debris into the car, you can clean it easily by removing the floor mats.

While there are many floor mats available, choosing a general one means it will not fit the car perfectly. Instead, get genuine floor mats from the vehicle manufacturer, ensuring custom fitment that follows all the shape of the vehicle. They even leave proper clearance for the pedals, eliminating a serious safety risk. Also, genuine Floor Mats match the carpeting in the car, creating a consistent look and feel.

Nudge Bar

Hyundai Tucson Accessories - Nudge Bar Hyundai Tucson Accessories - Nudge Bar

If your car lover has an SUV, a genuine nudge bar adds protection and unique styling. It guards against damage from some collisions, as well as driving through areas with vegetation in the way.

By sticking with an option from the vehicle manufacturer, you ensure the nudge bar does not get in the way of the airbags working correctly. It also will meet Australia Design Rules (ADR) and is backed by a warranty.

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