18 December 2019 · Motoring Tips & Advice

Choosing to Trade, Retain or Return Your Car | Phil Gilbert Hyundai

Choosing to Trade, Retain or Return Your Car

Not sure how you’ll afford your Hyundai vehicle, or perhaps you want an option where you can keep trading your car in for the newest Hyundai models? As your local Hyundai car dealership, Phil Gilbert Hyundai offers a range of options around selling and buying cars, whichever is most suitable for you. This includes trading your old car in for a new replacement under the Hyundai CarPlan, developed by Hyundai Finance™. We also offer the options to return or retain your car at the end of your lease.

Trading Your Hyundai Car with The Hyundai CarPlan

Trading your Hyundai car in at your car dealership takes care of both sides of the process: Selling your existing car and financing your next one.

When you bring your existing car in to Phil Gilbert Hyundai, our team will evaluate the car and offer a fair market price based on its condition. We evaluate cars based on factors such as:

·         Its age, mileage and overall condition

·         How much it would sell for on the open market

·         How popular the make and model is

·         How many similar cars we already own at the dealership

Make sure you give yourself a helping hand, and wash and service your car before you bring it in to us. In some occasions, if the condition is too poor or the car too old, we won’t accept the car for trading in. If you’re worried your car may fit this category, just give our team a call ahead of time to check.

The next step is the fun part. Brose our range and pick out the next Hyundai vehicle you want! The value of your old car will then be taken off this price tag. This final discounted price is called the changeover price.

Effectively, you sell your old car to our car dealership at the same time as buying your new one, all within a single transaction. This saves the enormous hassle involved in advertising and finding buyers if you were to sell the car privately.

Return Or Retain Your Hyundai Car At The End Of Your Lease

If you have leased a Hyundai car with us, when the contract period runs out, your options are to trade, return or retain the car.

Returning is when you return the vehicle to the dealership without purchasing or leasing a new one. Alternatively, at the end of your lease, if you love your car enough to keep it, just talk with our team about how you can buy this car to keep. If you happened to go over the mileage allowance of your lease, we won’t charge you for these extra kilometres if you buy the car.

Find Your Next Hyundai At Phil Gilbert Hyundai

Phil Gilbert Hyundai offers a wide range of new and used Hyundai cars, as well as the Hyundai CarPlan as a simple financing plan for trading your car in.

Visit us at either one of our two Sydney locations, Croydon or Lidcombe, for expert advice and servicing as well as financing. Contact us today for more information.