12 August 2020 · Motoring Tips & Advice

Check for failing spark plugs | Phil Gilbert Hyundai

Engine trouble is something that most car owners experience at some point. As cars and their components age, the risk of something going wrong only gets higher. One of the more common – and easy to correct – issues is a failing spark plug. But how do you know if you’re having spark plug issues?

One of the most noticeable (and annoying) symptoms is poor fuel economy. A noticeable increase in fuel consumption is a dead giveaway that a bad spark plug is the cause. Equally, you should pay attention to your car’s carbon emissions. Usually, engine issues will result in black smoke. If you’re noticing darker exhaust with an acrid smell, it's advisable to check your spark plugs.

Engine misfires and car starting troubles

Misfiring engines are also a tell-tale sign that you’re having spark plug problems. This can be identified via the flashing check engine light on the dashboard. The flashing light could relate to a few things ranging from performance issues to carbon deposits building up on the spark plugs. If the engine continues to misfire, emissions will only increase and engine power will decrease, making your car less efficient and less effective on the road. A misfiring engine calls for immediate assistance since the issues could potentially worsen if not taken care of.

But sometimes, it might not even be an engine misfire. In fact, it could be that your car might not start at all. Trouble starting your car could be a sign of worn-out spark plugs. Additionally, you should also pay attention to engine sounds when your car is idling. If your engine sounds rough with jittery noises when idle, it also points to a spark plug issue. Either of these situations left unattended may lead to ignition complications.

Spark plug issues could also impact on your car’s acceleration as well. A loss in acceleration power leads to an increase in fuel consumption. While there are other components that would affect an acceleration power loss, a failing spark plug is highly likely. Hence why it's important to get a professional technician's help to ensure the exact issue is identified.

Should you replace your spark plugs?

Ideally, spark plugs would serve you for several years. But car manufacturers will usually include a recommended mileage. The lifespan of a spark plug is largely dependent on the type of plug. For example, platinum spark plugs have a longer life compared to copper plugs.

When it comes to replacing spark plugs, the costs will depend on your vehicle. Some come with more cylinders and some employ a dual spark system. Of course, you could try replacing them yourself. But it’s often best left at the hands of a professional service. After all, you will most likely need a professional to help you diagnose the problem before you can know to change them. 

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