28 August 2020 · Motoring Tips & Advice

Check engine misfire in Hyundai cars | Phil Gilbert Hyundai

Engine misfires are never fun. What may start as a mere annoyance can lead to significant damage to your Hyundai if ignored. Complicating the matter is that there may be a variety of reasons why your engine is misfiring. Altogether, a misfire can be somewhat daunting if you’re not sure where to start. Fortunately, Phil Gilbert is here to help – here’s a brief overview of the problem that could help you diagnose a more serious issue.

First, it’s important to identify symptoms of engine misfires. Rough acceleration is one indication that your car engine is misfiring. In such instances you would feel a noticeable jerk owing to the additional load on the engine during acceleration. Then there are the vibrations – you may feel heavy vibrations inside the car during either acceleration or idling, which are often the result of a malfunctioning cylinder.

Symptoms for engine misfires

Other indications of a misfire include slow acceleration, rough idling, and a flickering check engine light, to name a few. Once you suspect a misfiring engine, the next step is to look for common causes for engine misfires.

One of the most common causes of a misfire is a bad ignition coil. Cars may have a single coil with a spark cable to each spark plug or a separate ignition coil on each spark plug. Unplug coils one by one to verify if cylinders operate as they should. Any faulty part should be replaced.

However, the issue could be with the spark plug itself. Over time, spark plugs could get worn-out and cause engine misfires as a result. If you find any noticeable issue with your spark plugs, you could replace them easily. But it would certainly help to seek professional help in identifying spark plug issues, if any.

Injector problems could also contribute to a misfiring engine. Here, you would need a flow test to clearly detect faulty fuel injectors. This type of issue is uncommon particularly with newer cars. As such, it's best to check for other problems prior to checking the fuel injectors. If you still couldn’t find the root cause for your misfiring engine, then chances are it's an issue with the compression.

Diagnosing your Hyundai car

Diagnosing the misfire involves reading the DTC trouble code memory first. Next, find out what your DTC code is specifying. The following diagnosis steps depend on this DTC code. Afterwards, you should move on to the ignition to see if everything is in order. Once resolved, you should check for intake leaks. Best way to do this is to let the engine run idle and check around the intake gasket.

Then comes the compression. If you have low compression, you could try applying oil in the cylinder and testing again. If unchanged, it would mean that you must dig deeper into your engine. The last step is to check your fuel. If none of the previous steps worked, there’s a chance your engine isn’t injecting fuel into the cylinders properly.

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If all of this sounds a bit too complicated, don’t worry – Phil Gilbert is here to help. Guests are welcome to visit our service centre in Croydon and have our team of experts take care of your Hyundai car’s engine misfires. Come visit Phil Gilbert Hyundai today. You can also book online, call us on (02) 9735 8400 or contact us here.