29 November 2019 · Motoring Tips & Advice

Car Maintenance Tips for the Summer Holidays | Phil Gilbert Hyundai

Car Maintenance Tips for the Summer Holidays

Summer is many people’s favourite time of the year. With the warmer weather comes Christmas and New Year festivities, and the long, lazy days of summer holidays. However, in most places in Australia, summer temperatures can soar, and the heat becomes unbearable, forcing us to retreat back into our air conditioned homes. We’re not the only ones affected by the heat, our vehicles can also struggle, especially if they’re not serviced and maintained regularly. If you’re planning a summer road trip or driving to visit friends and family over the holidays, read our car maintenance tips to ensure your car is ready to handle the heat and won’t spoil your holiday fun with breakdowns.

The Cooling and Electrical System

To keep you and your car’s engine cool it’s important to keep your cooling and electrical system well maintained.

The cooling system has to work harder in the hot weather and it’s one of the most common reasons for breakdowns in summer. Remember that you’ll be using the air conditioning a lot more, and that relies on a well-maintained cooling and electrical system.

Unless you’re a qualified mechanic, have your entire cooling and electrical system checked by a professional who will also make sure your car air conditioning is in great shape.

Check your Tyres

Tyre pressure and tyre tread should be regularly checked all year round because worn and over- or under-inflated tyres can affect your car’s handling and braking.

It’s especially important if you’re loading up your car with luggage and extra weight for your holiday road trip or driving on hot roads.

Don’t forget to check the spare tyre.

See Clearly

No matter where you’re going for your summer holidays, you need to see clearly, day and night.

Make sure your windscreen is clean and your wiper blades are in good condition for those unexpected downpours. Also ensure your washer bottle is filled so you can quickly clean your windscreen on the go.

Check that all your headlights and tail lights are in good working order.

Regular Servicing

Even if your car isn’t due for its regular service it’s a good idea to take it into your mechanic for a thorough safety inspection before you go on holiday.

You’ll be able to relax and enjoy peace of mind knowing your car is in good condition and up to the task of all that extra summer driving.

Hyundai Dealership

The team at Phil Gilbert Hyundai can service your car and check for any problems before you head off on holidays this summer.

We also stock a huge range of quality Hyundai spare parts and accessories and we’re happy to offer our expert advice on all your car maintenance.

We’re in two convenient locations on Parramatta Rd so give us a call on (02) 9735 8400, make an enquiry online, or visit us in Croydon or Lidcombe where you’ll be welcomed with our professional one-stop service.