5 February 2021 · Motoring Tips & Advice

Car Care Products for Your New Hyundai | Phil Gilbert Hyundai

Buying a new Hyundai car is an exciting time, and while we get that you can’t wait to take it for a spin, we also should stress the importance of looking after your new investment. Proper vehicle maintenance is essential for prolonging the life of your Hyundai, and to ensure it continues to run smoothly and efficiently.

Get prepared with some essential car care products from brands you can count on.

Looking after your new Hyundai

Your driving habits can slow down the signs of wear and tear, and car maintenance isn’t just important to keep it looking good. Practising proper car care extends the life of your vehicle, increases safety, and reduces repair costs.

Ensure you carry out regular maintenance and checks, which should include the windshield, tyres, brakes, fluid levels and lights. Don’t forget to stick to a good service schedule with your local Hyundai service centre in Sydney, and invest in some of our recommended car care products - as listed below.

Our recommended car care products

Check out our exclusive products designed to maximise the look, safety, comfort and performance of your new vehicle.

For added privacy and protection for you and your family from the harsh Australian sun, we can apply a Window Tint to your car’s clear windows. Window Tint blocks out 99% of the sun’s UV rays, and 60% of its glare and heat, and is applied on-site by our trained technicians.

A protective coating for your vehicle that not only outperforms most others when it comes to hardness and durability - but shine, too. Following extensive research and testing, we’ve chosen Hydro Protektiv Performance coatings as our number one for safeguarding your high-quality trims and paint work against external damage. The high-performance formula combining silicon carbide and ceramic contains abrasion resistant qualities, provides an outstanding mirror shine and eliminates the need to wax your car.

For added peace of mind on the road, a BlackVue Dash Cam comes complete with built-in GPS, WiFi and Smartphone applications for easy operation. Protect yourself against false claims in case of an accident on the road - the BlackVue Gold Dash Camera records audio and visual footage that can be used as evidence. Capabilities include speed recording and travel tracking via Google Maps, with the ability to view live feeds and download footage easily.

We’ve partnered with Schmick to bring you a platinum repair service that doesn’t impact your insurance and could help you avoid high panel beating costs. Get peace of mind and have your car looked after by the expert technicians at Schmick, delivering lifetime warranties on repairs for vehicle owners. 

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