9 August 2019 · Motoring Tips & Advice

Be Your Own Expert at Phil's Car Care Clinic | Phil Gilbert Hyundai

Be Your Own Expert at Phil's Car Care Clinic

Don’t you wish you were better at looking after and understanding your car? Turn those thoughts into reality at a Phil Gilbert Hyundai dealership. We offer free Car Care Clinics, with classes designed for guests like you. One course with us, and you’ll be able to add years of reliable life and service to your car!

Why Should You Learn Basic Car Maintenance?

Perhaps you’re worried about not knowing what to do if you get stranded on the road with a breakdown. Or, you may want to know more about how your car works, what our technicians do to keep your engine running at top performance, and why you should bother with regular maintenance.

Either way, understanding how your car runs is an invaluable life skill that you’ll never regret learning. Even while Hyundai is moving technology forward with the latest evolutions of new Hyundai cars, knowing the basic mechanics will serve you well for looking after your car.

What Will You Learn at Phil's Car Care Clinic?

Take the mystery out of understanding your car with Phil Gilbert Hyundai. We’ll run you through the foundations of how your car engine works, plus simple car maintenance tips that anyone can learn to do. With our free classes, you can familiarise yourself with what will happen to your Hyundai car when it’s brought in for its next maintenance service.

Our course focuses on practical knowledge and skills. Some of what you'll learn with us include the importance of:

·  Changing the engine oil: This lubricates your engine, prevents dirt from building up on moving parts, and protects from detergents, so it’s a critical part of keeping your car running smoothly. In our course, we’ll go over how to choose the right type and quality of engine oil for your car.

·  Checking and replacing the spark plugs to protect your fuel economy and acceleration abilities.

·  Changing the antifreeze and coolant to prevent overheating or leaks.

·  Replacing the air filter to protect your combustion chamber.

·  Replacing the brake pads to prevent these from wearing down and damaging the brake rotors.

·  Checking the tire pressure and rotating the tires to prevent car instability, poor breaking, uneven tires or a flat tire.

Doing these regularly will keep you safe on the road, not to mention save you hassle and money. As well as basic repair in the event of a breakdown, these preventative and maintenance skills will add years of life to your car.

To become more road-safe and self-sufficient with Phil Gilbert Hyundai, sign up for our Car Care Clinic today!

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