27 October 2016 · Motoring Tips & Advice

A Beginners Guide to Sports Cars | Phil Gilbert Hyundai

What is a Sports Car, anyway?

The term “sports car” has become a bit looser in recent generations, with all types of flash-looking vehicles claiming the sporty title due to a pumped up engine and new toned frames. Technically, a sports car is a low-riding two-door, two-seater, designed for manoeuvrability and speed. Nowadays, if a car is built with some seriously tweaked handling and that signature sport styling, even if it’s an SUV, it can still be considered a sports car.

The main difference, as its features suggest, is the use for the car. As a sports car, these vehicles usually boast easy handling, stability, nimble manoeuvrability, spirited performance, and most importantly, speed. Other things like fuel economy and maintenance sometimes take a back seat (if there even is a back seat). 

Why Get a Sports Car?

There are many reasons to get a sports car, but sheer enjoyment has to top the list. Whether you enjoy the way they look, the way they drive or something in between, there are plenty of ways to responsibly embrace these car’s key features. Here are a few key features to consider.

  • Performance – for a better driving quality and a greater overall experience, look no further than sports cars. They are made with performance in mind, so you can easily hug a turn, take control and enjoy the ride.
  • Aesthetics – there’s no two ways about it, sports cars are nice to look at. With their sleek exterior design they always catch the eyes of passers-by and help you stand out among the crowd. On the inside you will be left smiling, enjoying the same luxurious features.
  • Investment – everyone knows that cars don’t usually hold their value, but your new sports car might be different. The performance quality and appealing aesthetic will automatically increase its market value and if you keep it for long enough it might develop an antique or retro appeal. If this is the case, then collectors will pay a pretty penny to add your car to their collection.

Phil Gilbert Hyundai Sports Cars

At Phil Gilbert in Sydney, we have a range of Hyundai’s most popular sports cars. If you want a vehicle that handles like a sports car but gives you the added benefits of an everyday car – such as storage and fuel efficiency – then check out some of our selection below:

Ready to break into the exciting world of sports cars? Enquire online with Phil Gilbert Hyundai in Sydney today!