22 February 2019 · Motoring Tips & Advice

5 Benefits to Buying a Small Hyundai Vehicle | Phil Gilbert Hyundai

5 Benefits to Buying a Small Hyundai Vehicle

There was once a time when Australians travelling to Europe found the dominance of small cars a strange thing. While SUVs and utes are still widely popular, hatchbacks and other smaller vehicles are finally being seen as an intelligent option in this country, especially in big cities like Sydney.

1. Fuel Economy

Fuel economy is the biggest and most obvious reason for the increasing popularity of smaller vehicles. This may reflect how expensive petrol is these days, but the difference is huge when compared to larger vehicles. For example, the Hyundai i30 1.6 CRDi has a fuel economy of just 4.5L/100km. Even the most fuel-efficient SUVs have a fuel economy 7.2L/100km and in most cases, it’s much higher than that.

2. Easier to Drive and Park

Smaller cars are agile and easy to manoeuvre. The compact design of smaller cars naturally makes them more responsive when it comes to handling. This makes driving and parking them a breeze, especially in busy city areas.

A smaller engine in a smaller car means it’s easier to accelerate quickly, take sharp turns all while hugging the road with ease. Modern features like rear parking cameras and parking sensors which alert the driver as they get closer to an obstacle make things even easier.

3. Lower Cost

Smaller cars generally cost less as they take less materials to make, starting as little as $19,000 for a brand-new model. Larger cars cost tens of thousands more in addition to the extra running costs. Smaller cars also generally cost less to service and maintain. Insurance also tends to be lower as insurers often take engine size into account when costing their quotes.

4. Less Maintenance

Smaller cars mean smaller parts. Their small, efficient engines use relatively simple mechanics, meaning they are generally more manageable and affordable throughout their life. Major breakdowns and maintenance are a lot rarer for smaller vehicles. This is a huge factor considering the amount of time and money it can save.

5. Quality Technology

A lower cost price and smaller engine and other parts might make you think that you’re losing a lot by opting for a smaller vehicle. But that’s not true. Today’s hatchbacks and other smaller cars are equipped with top quality display systems, safety and other features.

For example, the Hyundai i30 comes with 7 airbags, rear view camera, tyre pressure monitoring, auto sensing headlights, daytime running lights, cruise control and Apple carplay/Android auto capability as standard. You can also add extras like forward collision-avoidance, blind-spot collision warning, lane keeping assist, rear cross-traffic collision warning and driver attention warning

Hyundai Small Car Dealers in Sydney

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