Car Service FAQ at Phil Gilbert Hyundai Service Centre

Phil Gilbert Hyundai Service FAQs

Can I take my Hyundai to Phil Gilbert’s, even though I didn’t buy it from there?

Yes you can. We would be delighted for our trained technicians to look after your vehicle for you.

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Do you service or repair other makes and models?

Yes we do. Give us a call today and we are able to provide you with a quote upfront on services or repairs for most makes and models.

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Where are your Service Departments located and what number can I contact them on?

Our locations and contact numbers are;

Croydon, NSW - 644 Parramatta Road
Phone 02 8799 7577

Lidcombe, NSW - 144 Frances Street
Phone 02 9735 8411

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What are your Service Department business hours?

Our business hours for both locations are;

Monday to Friday - 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Saturday - 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Sunday – Closed

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What is Hyundai’s Roadside Assistance telephone number?

1800 186 306

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I’ve had an accident in my car. Who can I call?

Contact Phil Gilbert Accident Assist on 1300 652 379. We are able to talk you through the steps you need to take, whether it be having your car towed or which repair centre to take it to. The Accident Assist helpline is open 365 days – 24/7!

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Are you able to Service my car on a Saturday?

Yes we can. We are open from 8.00am – 12.00pm on Saturdays. Note that Saturday bookings are quite popular, so we recommend that you book at least 2 weeks in advance to secure an appointment.

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Do I have to make an appointment prior to bringing my vehicle in?

Yes. Appointments are essential.

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How can I make an appointment?

To secure an appointment you can contact our Guest Experience Centre on 02 9735 8411 or alternatively book online.

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Do you offer transport while I have my vehicle serviced or repaired?

Yes we do. If you need to stay on the road whilst your vehicle is being serviced, we have loan cars available for a fee. Loan cars must be pre booked with our Guest Experience Centre.

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Do you have loan cars available while my vehicle is being serviced or repaired?

Yes we do. For those that require to remain on the road while your vehicle is being serviced, we do have loan cars available for a small fee. Loan cars are only available by appointment only.

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What is the new car warranty period on my Hyundai?

For vehicles first registered on or after 1st October, 2011 the warranty period is

Passenger Vehicles (Car & SUV):
60 months / unlimited km **

People Mover Vehicles (iMax):
60 months / unlimited km **

Light Commercial Vehicles (iLoad):
60 months / 160,000 km*

*Applies to all models.
** Applies to all models with the exception of vehicles used in commercial application.

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Can I use Ethanol / E10 fuel in my Hyundai?

Fuel injected (petrol) Hyundai’s that are manufactured after 31st October 2003 are equipped with fuel systems compatible with alcohol (Ethanol). These vehicles can operate on a maximum of 10% Ethanol / 90% unleaded petrol, however if drivability is affected, the use of 100% unleaded fuel is recommended. Ethanol blended fuel mixed at 10% is generally referred to as E10. Fuel injected Hyundai’s manufactured prior to October 2003 do not have fuel systems compatible to run Ethanol. If E10 is to be used in these vehicles, in must be used in conjunction with periodic use of a fuel corrosion inhibitor. (The Hyundai recommended inhibitor is available under part number AL009M0002). 

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What is The Lifetime Service Plan?

The Lifetime Service Plan enables you to find out how much your next scheduled Hyundai maintenance is. If you visit Lifetime Service Plan and select your vehicle year, model and service required and it will give you the price of your service upfront. Making it easier for you to budget your motoring costs.

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Is my vehicle eligible for Lifetime Service Plan?

Yes, every Hyundai vehicle is eligible for Hyundai Lifetime Service Plan.

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Can I purchase tyres from Phil Gilbert’s?

Yes you can. Contact us today and we will provide you with a quote.

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