The Importance of Genuine Brake Pads

The Importance of Genuine Hyundai Brake Pads

Hyundai Brake Pads are amongst the most important components of your vehicle – its primary purpose is to stop your car and avoid a collision.

Squealing brakes however indicate that the pads are worn and need replacing. If not replaced when required, they can cause significant damage to other components of your vehicle’s braking system which may lead to costly repairs. That's why Hyundai Motor Company Australia has capped the cost of genuine brake pads at an affordable and competitive price. Now you have the peace of mind knowing the maximum price you will pay for Genuine Fitted Brake Pad replacements. Read more.

Introducing Capped Price Brake Pads

When your Genuine Fitted Hyundai Brake Pads are replaced at Phil Gilbert Hyundai, you’ll pay no more than the capped price. And, like all Hyundai Genuine Parts, genuine brake pads are specially designed to fit your vehicle and work perfectly with its entire brake system.

* Terms and conditions may apply. Please contact Phil Gilbert Hyundai for more details.